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The health benefits of singing are well documented.

Singing has been proven to have a significant positive impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing, improving and developing good posture and breathing technique, reducing muscle tension, anxiety and stress, and helping to improve our mood and overall sense of happiness. It is cognitively stimulating and can aid memory function, and in the case of group singing, is a wonderful way to develop and increase our social connections, which also play a vital role in maintaining good health.

Our body is our instrument. We use it in its entirety when we sing, and in return our bodies reap so many benefits when we open our mouths to make music.


As well as leading community choir I also write arrangements for smaller vocal groups, run vocal workshops and offer private coaching sessions for vocalists of all levels and abilities, helping singers to,


30 minute consultation - Free

60 mins - £40.00

30 mins - £25.00

Block booking discounts are available.

If you would like more information regarding private vocal coaching or would like to enquire about choirs or workshops, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

* Find and improve confidence

* Work on stage performance techniques

* Better connect to and interpret lyrics

* Explore creativity within the music

* Prepare for auditions, shows and recording

* Find joy as well as relaxation through singing

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Boring T's & C's...

Cancellations of less than 24 hrs will be charged at full price. Cancellations between 72 and 24 hrs are charged at half price.

As a working musician occasionally I may have to reschedule a lesson, although I will try to avoid this wherever possible. If it does happen I will endeavour to give as much notice as I can.

Thanks! Message sent.

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